Your Nutritionist In Your Pocket

For Professionals

The Concept

Bring the quality of communication between you and your clients to the next level.
Give your clients exactly what information they need to change their health, all through their smartphone
Tailor your strategy to each client through key insights into their lifestyle, eating habits, motivation, and self-reflections

For Individuals

See Your Nutritionist

Your nutritionist inputs your personal diet parameters and details

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Scan Food

You come across a food you're unsure about. Download to app to start scanning foods.


Get Rating

Instant Response

Within 5 seconds you understand exactly how the food interacts with your body

Customized profile

Rating is customized to your custom profile


Send information and foods to your nutritionist


Keep your diet on track with tips and suggestions

Simple 1-7 Scoring

Quickly determine if a food is a good or bad fit using the 1 to 7 scale

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